Sheet Sensation


Nature’s Tie-Dye

Nature is full of color this time of year and with a few simple tools, kids can transform an ordinary sheet into a vibrant display of Nature’s Tie-Dye!

 Using an old sheet and mother nature's treasures.This activity is sensory stimulation without being overwhelming. Because the ingredients are natural and the project is low-key (it’s just an old bed sheet, after all), kids can engage their senses of sight, smell, and touch as they work.

Set the stage:

We laid a tarp down, used an old bed sheet. It’s best to use plain and light-colored. Cut the sheet into squares and duck tape to tarp. Then you’ll need some water (with spray bottles if you have them), a mallet or rolling pin, and head outdoors.

Collect colorful (and fragrant) stuff:

We found a bucket and I encouraged my daughter to go find colorful things in the yard and garden -- berries, goldenrod, green leaves, and dirt. And I also brought a few fun things from our refrigerator & pantry. (Blueberries,strawberries, turmeric,avacodo ect)

Experiment with your found materials:

Then we brought our stash back to the trap, where I modeled how to use it with a little bit of water. A spritz of water on the sheet will help the pigment from flowers, grasses and other plants stain the sheet.

Armed with spray bottles, mallets, rolling pins, and, best of all, our hands, elbows, knees, and feet, we mashed, stompped, and rolled the color out of all of that nature and onto our sheet. It’s a full-body, fabulous sensory experience. It’s good, productive, messy fun -- creative, and gratifying for all involved.

While this sensory sensation can get messy at times it is a great one to do when your children need some connection to the earth or when the weather is not good enough to go outside. Just coming into contact with nature is grounding and a great way to help improve your mood.

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