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I love bugs

Sensory Set-up

Is your child scared of bugs? Do bugs get in the way of you or your kids enjoying the outdoors?

As we enter the spring season, we celebrate new life and it is the time of regrowth, rebirth, and renewal. This sensory experience is to help children deal with their fear of bugs.

Bugs are not such a bad thing. They play their roles in our ecosystem and without them, our world could be lost. Take the “Save the Bees” campaign, bees pollinate, and they help the plants in their cycles of life. Other insects provide food for a range of animals. Some bugs are the clean-up crew and breaking down waste and dead things. There are many useful insects and some that may be pests in our modern world, but they still have a place. Not to mention, they’re a part of life. If you’re ever going to enjoy nature, bugs come with it

This sensory setup is a great way to overcome your child’s fear of bugs. The goal is to encourage your child to love nature and give learning opportunities.

You are going to love this Insects Sensory Bin - perfect for toddlers as it is taste-safe (we know how much they love to put things in their mouths!).

What you’ll need to make easy and taste-safe soil:

  • Flour
  • Corn starch
  • Coffee grounds
  • Water


Step 1. Mix equal parts of flour and cornstarch. I used ½ cup of each.

Step 2. Add water until you get a mixture that is not too liquid or goopy. I used around a cup.

Step 3. Add 1-2 cups of ground coffee. The idea is to get the dough to make a little ball.

Step 4. Put the insect figurines in the bin and include a few items to extend the sensory play.

Step 5. Invite the toddler to play.

Sensory bins are great ways to introduce children to various things, from educational themes like name recognition to small-world pretend play. When kids play, they learn and learning happens through all of the senses. This is exactly why sensory play is so important for child development … throughout childhood!

Our Sensory tables:

  • Solo Sensory Table This table is designed to work with Ikea Trofast storage boxes and Flisat Play Table accessories means hours of open-ended play. And is also great for smaller spaces and single-child homes. And is a good fit for families with different age gaps so each child can have their own space.

Full-Size Sensory Table-Designed to work with Ikea Trofast storage boxes and Ikea Flisat Play Table accessories. This table has multiple functions. It can be used by a family with more than one child and can be used as a weaning table, homeschool table, or bigger sensory set-ups.

Both tables Pair with our set of Toddler Chairs for a perfect multi-use toddler table set.


The idea is to let children use their imagination, there is no right or wrong way to play.  All this is learning through play using fine motor skills, sensory play, and imaginative play.

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