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Fairy Garden



Fairy Garden Sensory Play

How to make a sensory fairy garden for magical imaginative play.

Photo credit:
Elizabeth Mitchell Johnson

Small world play is fantastic for fostering many skills in the Early Years; storytelling, imaginative play, and language development to name a few. I love creating small worlds in the sensory table, making them easy to access for little fingers and transport.
One of our favorite things to do on our sensory table is a Fairy Garden that is great for ages 3-5,  or when the child begins to play pretend. We love following elizabeth_mitchell_johnson
On Instagram for creative nature play ideas.

When I created our version of this fairy garden where I found most of the supplies on Amazon.  

What you’ll need:


  1. Add play sand or soil of your choice
  2. Add river rocks of your choice
  3. Add Moss & wood coaster
  4. Let the child play organically with the fairy garden accessories.

Reminder:  The idea is to let children use their imagination, there is no right or wrong way to play.  All of this is learning through play and learning using fine motor skills.

While this sensory bin can get messy at times it is a great one to pull out when your children need some connection to the earth or when the weather is not good enough to go outside. Just coming into contact with the dirt is grounding and a great way to help improve your mood.

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